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Post Succos Brooklyn Singles Shabbaton

Oct 27, 2017 - Oct 28, 2017

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Young Israel of Avenue J
1721 Avenue J
Brooklyn, New York 11230
Tzvi Gross
(718) 541-1793
separate location is enough people register: 20 - 45
45 - 67
if payment is received by 9/23/17: $ 100.00
if payment is received by 9/30/17: $ 115.00
if payment is received by 10/25/17: $ 129.00
Yeshivish, Modern Orthodox, Shomer Shabbat
Shabbaton, Singles
Star Singles and Shadchonim present a Singles Shabbaton in Flatbush - October 27-28, 2017 - Parshas Lech Lecha - at Young Israel of Avenue J.

2 gourmet catered meals, plus seudas shlishi and a melave malka with our well known entertainment, plus shadchanim.

Prices are as follows:
Payment received by 9/23/17 (Motzei Shabbos after Rosh Hashanah), your price is $100.
Payment received by 9/30/17, Yom Kippur, your price is $115.
Payment received after Yom Kippur, your price is $129.

Registration closes on October 25, 2017

There are NO EXCEPTIONS to these prices, meaning if your payment gets lost, you will need to mail an additional check for the difference.

Credit card payments are accepted.

Email:, for an application, and mail it back with your payment ASAP, to get the early pricing.


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